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Dr. Bogdan Makartchuk, ND

Naturopathic Doctor, Traditional Herbalist

Alternatives for Wellness of Mind & Body 


Clinical Focus

Anxiety & Depression

Trauma & Stress

Chronic Fatigue 

Gut Health

Hormonal Balance




Naturopathic Doctor, Traditional Herbalist


Holistic Psyche Logo

"The wound is where the Light enters you."

















I'm a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, with a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine 

My passion is in helping those who suffer mentally, from anxiety - from depression - from traumas of all types and those with chronic diseases that remain a mystery to conventional medicine. 


My mission is simple, to offer you a natural way to wellness of mind & body

A way rooted in nature, based on the holistic traditions of the ancients - that also integrates the best aspects of modern medicines and research.  I meet you where you are as an individual with a unique story - and my approach is to find what lies at root of your troubles and provide you with the best that nature and modern medicine have to offer.

I specialize in natural therapies and integrative treatments for those who struggle with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, fatigue, hormonal imbalance & other chronic conditions

My approach is based on using the most effective natural treatments, therapies and techniques that truly address the underlying causes for your health concerns - rather than cover them up temporarily with medications that bring side effects which are sometimes worse than the condition they are meant to help.


Greetings, my name is
Dr. Bogdan Makartchuk
Naturopath, Herbalist &
Lover of Nature...


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